Dr. Martin J. Boulanger, BSc, PhD (UBC)

IMG_1620Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair II in Molecular Interactions and Structural Biology

Former CIHR New Investigator and MSFHR Scholar

Ph: 250-721-7072

Dr. Boulanger received the 2012 Faculty of Science Award for Research ExcellenceAccording to previous Department Chair Dr. Robert Burke, “Marty is the epitome of what this award intends to recognize – a young scientist who is doing world-class research.”

Bianca Loveless, BSc, MSc


Lab Manager, Technician, Insect Cell Guru (2011-present)

Bianca’s work has been highlighted in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

ResearchGate Profile

Raghavendran Ramaswamy, BSc
MSc Student (2013-present)

Cameron Powell, BSc

MSc Student (2015-present)



Fangni Peng, BSc, MSc

Technician (2016-present and 2011-2013; MSc Student 2013-2015)

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Summer 2014: Bianca Loveless, Sean Workman, Michelle (Tonkin) Parker, Marty Boulanger, Fangni Peng.

Boulanger Lab Alumni

Graduate Students:
Dr. Michelle L. Parker (PhD Student 2009-2014; Research Associate 2014-2016; Current – Clinical Chemistry Post Doctoral Fellow at UofT; ResearchGate Profile)
Sarah Goomeshi-Nobary (MSc Student 2012-2014; Current – Teacher)
Dr. Jasleen Bains (PhD Student 2006-2011; Current – Industry Scientist; LinkedIn Profile)
Adrienne Law (MSc Student 2008-2010; Current – Research Assistant at UBC)
Ekaterina Bruic (MSc Student 2007-2009; Current – Industry Scientist)

Technicians and Post Doctoral Fellows:
Melissa Rumbles (2013-2106; Current – Law Student at UVic)
Dr. Orly Salama-Alber (2013-2014; Current – Post Doc in the Boraston Lab at UVic)
Drew Bowie (2012-2013; Current – Medical Student at UBC)
Dr. Martine Lunke (2010-2011; Current – Research Associate in the Romaniuk Lab at UVic)
Dr. Elizabeth Ficko-Blean (2009-2011)
Susann Langer (2010-2011)
Dr. Jill Murray (2009-2010; Current – Deeley Cancer Centre)
Jo Crawford (2008-2010; Current – Research Staff in the Taft Lab at The University of Queensland)
Ognjen Grujic (2007-2009; Current – Industry Scientist)

Undergraduate Students:
Sean Workman (2012-2014; Current – MSc Student in the Strynadka Lab at UBC; ResearchGate Profile)
Jennifer Evancio (2012-2013; Current – Medical Student at UBC)
Daniel Moller (2012-2013; Current – Medical Student at McMaster University Medical School)
Shannon Brown (2011-2012; Current – Graduate Student at University of Calgary)
Dannika Bakker (2012; Current – Medical Student)
Lincoln Foerster (2010-2011; Current – Medical Student at University of Calgary)
Menglin Yang (2010-2011; Current – Medical Doctor)
Laura Kaufman (2010-2011; Current – Medical Student)
Mark Pearce (2009-2010; Current – Medical Doctor)
Jeremy Mason (2009-2010; Current – Graduate Student at The Scripps Research Institute)
Amanda Davidsen (2009; Current – Graduate Student at McGill University)
Benjamin Farnell (2009; Current – Government; LinkedIn Profile)
Chelsea McMillan (2009)
Katie Enfield (2008)
Kevin Temke (2008; Current – Medical Doctor)
Gina Cragg (2007-2008)
Sienna McWilliams (2006; Current – Medical Doctor)
Carrie Fisher (2006)